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What our clients, past and present have to say...

Katie Jacobs

Lost 22lbs in 12 weeks

"Having two young children made it difficult to make the time to go to the gym. With the help of CPTS I have completely changed my lifestyle, not just my body.

The training is great, easy to follow and fun— I noticed a difference after just a few sessions! I've been able to do all this without the need for the gym and child care!"

Lauren Davis

Lost 14lbs in 8 weeks

"My main aim has always been to feel better about myself. I learnt that my body fat was a little high. Which I would never of known without the health checks, which are great because they keep me motivated and accountable.

I no longer feel tired, restless and bloated all the time, I feel amazing!"

Danielle Collins

Lost 18lbs in 12 weeks

"I was so self conscious and unhappy with my body, I knew I had to do something about it. Now I feel fantastic! Everyone has complimented me. Clothes fit better and I am much more confident. I've not been this happy for years. I even had to throw most of my clothes out and get a new wardrobe!''

Lucy Jennings

Lost 9lbs in 10 weeks

"Although I wasn't exactly 'overweight' I felt really unfit and never had much energy. I really wanted a toned stomach and a better bum. After just a few weeks of eating healthier and exercise, I could already see some change. It really helped me to stay motivated. The training was really enjoyable and convenient for me before I started work."

Jennifer Moorcroft

Lost 9lbs in 10 weeks

"The best part about everything for me is the support. The training and diet side of things is great obviously, but it's the support I receive which has helped me the most. Before I started, I used to read a few things about what was 'healthy' and what wasn't. I used to take bits of advice here and there and mish mash them up into something I thought was right.

Having clear instructions and understandable advice has been fantastic for me! It's really helped me!"

Sara Lindop

Lost 28lbs in 20 weeks

"I lacked so much will-power and had no structure when it came to exercise. I would run maybe once every 2 months, feel like death and stop again. Being able to workout effectively in my own living room after work with no one to judge me was perfect!"

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