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Having the body, health or confidence you truly want doesn’t have to mean gruelling workouts, pounding pavements and guessing your way through each workout and meal- “What works?” “What’s healthy?” “What diet should I be on?” It doesn't have to mean going to the gym and feeling uncomfortable and intimidated.

We have successfully helped transform the lives of over 100 clients, using our proven techniques and easy to follow methods, all from the comfort and convenience of their own home and you can do the exact same. You too can kick start your metabolism, burn fat, get toned and improve your fitness, in a fun, friendly and motivating way, with no gym in sight!

As our client you’ll receive, full support, a personalised nutrition plan, weekly target checks and fully bespoke training delivered by your very own expert personal trainer at home. Your training, your body stats and your nutrition is tracked by us each week to ensure you progress.

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Mark Cosgrove


Hi, I'm Mark and I'm the owner of Complete PT Solutions. Over the past decade I have helped successfully transform the lives of over 100 clients through tailored, bespoke, fitness regimes and personalised nutrition plans.  Our aim at CPTS is to help you, motivate you and guide you on your journey to achieving your ideal body, health and lifestyle- all from the comfort and convenience of your own home with proven to work methods and techniques.

The clue is in our name, we're your complete solution. We look after everything. Your training, your diet and your over all wellbeing, no stone is left unturned. Getting into shape has never been easier. Book your FREE SESSION today to learn for yourself!


Together we'll work through a bespoke training and nutritional program, designed using only proven methods and techniques. It will be specific to you, your level and your goal. Each session is tracked and adjusted (if needed) to ensure progression and to stay as consistent as possible. 


Your trainer will help you set attainable & realistic goals.  It's a huge advantage knowing exactly what it's going to take to reach your targets and how long they'll take to hit. This will be all explained during your FREE consultation.


We're always on hand for you should you need us. Struggling to stick to your diet, lacking motivation or have a question? We encourage contact! We're there for you every step of your journey.


This is our eBook which has been devolped, alongside our techniques, for years. It's packed full of tips and advice. It's your go to source for nutrtion and training and as a complete client it's yours for FREE.