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Check out the most common questions we get asked and learn why at home personal training is right for you.

What is at home personal training?

At home personal training is a service which allows those of us who either, don't have the time to go to a gym, feel too self conscious  to go to a gym or lack motivation and willpower, to still be able to enjoy the huge list of benefits from exercise. We provide all the equipment, effective programs, personalised nutrtion plans, full support and much more. 

I don't have much space, can I still have at home personal training?

Of course you can! It's a common misconception that you have to go to a huge gym and use lots of fancy equipment to improve your health, fitness and image, when in reality, it really isn't the case. You can achieve all your goals from your home, no matter the space, using a number of exercises and specially adapted equipment that we provide.

Why will I benefit from at home personal training?

Exercise in general provides many benefits. It will improve your health, fitness and wellbeing. Being able to exercise at home means it's more convenient for you. If you're exercising in a place your comfortable with, you're more likely to stay committed and therefore more likely to achieve your goals in the long term. You be the judge, studies show you're 80% more likely to achieve your goals with support.

What makes you different?

Our service is not only delivered to you at your home but it's also personalised on every level. Just because an exercise program or diet plan works for one person, doesn't mean it will work for you. We design everything around you, your current ability and the goals you have set. Tracking everything from the start to ensure you progress.

I have/had an injury can I still exercise?

As long as the injury you have is not debilitating and you have been given the all clear by your medical professional than you're ok to exercise with us. If you have had an injury in the past, it must be disclosed to your trainer. This will allow them to be able to design your exercise program accurately.

I'm not very fit, can I still exercise at home?

The short answer is yes! It doesn't matter what level you're currently at, whether you're super fit or not, at home personal training will benefit you. Everything is personalised around you and your abilities.

I don't have any equipment, how will I be able to exercise?

That's OK because we provide everything for you! We show you how to use everything safely and effectively too!

I work long shifts, can I still have at home personal training?

Just like your training and nutrition, your circumstances are personal to you and our service is designed to cater for that. We provide sessions from 6am all the way through to 10pm Monday-Sunday!

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